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Chapter Two

Self Organisation

Inanimate to Animate feat. Kotomi
Jip Mus

With nature’s scene set, we now venture into the strange boundary of living and dead. The dynamism, determinism and energy gradients of the environment harnessed for self-replication in organisms which appear as much inanimate natural process as animate life. But complexity grows, and we are on the trajectory towards sentience in the visual story.

The musical starting point of this project was that of boundary conditions, and the musical escapism into a surreal boundary between wakefulness and dreaming. I continued to explore themes of boundary conditions with Jip Mus for the visual interpretation, where Jip delved into the mechanics of life, with self-made growth media, micro-organisms and micro-cinematographic experiments.

The vocalist and musician Kotomi, who has a beautifully ethereal voice, brought the project to life perfectly. Not via lyrics and a loud human presence, but with the voice as an instrument, blending her feeling into the wider experience.

For the spatial audio mix with Adam Smythe and Niels Orens, we created partially randomised and freely improvisated structures. Using smooth movements and a balance of order and disorder spatially to mirror the ideas of the chapter.

Direction, Production and Post Production
Jip Mus
Lara Carter and Rollo Van Wijk
Max Cooper — Inanimate to Animate feat. Kotomi
Atmos Mix Engineer
Adam Smyth (String and Tins)

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