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Chapter Twelve


Nick Cobby and Andrey Prokhorov

This chapter of the Unspoken Words story is about our capacity for positive change via idealism. The video project shows footage of everything, contained inside us. We are aware of an outside world, but ultimately; everything is experienced internally, and much of what may seem hopelessly out of our control need not be so. That’s the idealistic idea which I applied personally, musically and visually.

I started the music when I was in need of something to give me a push forward. Sometimes a high energy classic synth explosion is the recipe for the job. It created the feeling that anything seemed possible, a fresh belief with a touch of ignorance that’s essential for new ideas to emerge free from the constraining baggage of old failures. The synths seemed to carry the hope of everything I could imagine, condensed into the simple chord progression, improvised pads and layers of distortion. It was a lot of fun to work with, and spending time in that creative mindset generated lots of ideas.

For the visual story I worked with my long term collaborator Nick Cobby, along with the photographer Andrey Prokhorov. Andrey has a huge library of imagery from around the world and I wanted to try and put everything inside the minds and bodies of the people of Mexico City, where Nick is based, in order to mirror the explosion of feelings and ideas of the music in visual form. It tells the story of our escape from constraints as we move towards the final mental expansion of the narrative.

Culum Simpson designed the spatial structure of the Dolby Atmos mix in a similar manner to that of the original stereo mix, with full power immersion from all sides, and an ever growing barrage of sound from the ceiling and walls.

Direction, Production and Post Production
Nick Cobby
Additional Footage
Andrey Prokhorov
Pedro Salas
Max Cooper — Everything
Atmos Mix Engineer
Culum Simpson (String and Tins)

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