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Chapter Ten


Exotic Contents
Xander Steenbrugge

This chapter of the story uses AI as an analogy for the transcendent mind to return to the philosophical problems that had limited us previously. CLIP and GAN machine learning systems created by Xander Steenbrugge interpret the natural language texts of Wittgenstein and present them in visual form. We literally see a new window of understanding of the texts concerning our means of communication and our place in the world.

The music was a similar departure from my usual interpretation of ideas, where I applied a half time drum and bass format with more aggression and sharpness of sound design. It’s a club track, but for me, an exotic form of club track. The name came from Wittgenstein’s private language argument, and the difficulty of communicating an entirely internal, subjective object to others when we can never directly show the object to each other. He uses the analogy of a beetle in a box, and I refer to the idea instead as our exotic contents.

The Atmos mix with Mike Bamford and Niels Orens applies a similarly exotic and extreme approach. Central percussive elements are constrained to opposing walls for extreme separation, and undergo 90 degree rotations at periodic intervals alongside localised collapses of all elements to single positions at phrase punctuation points. The order of the day being extremes all around.

Direction, Production and Post Production
Xander Steenbrugge
Max Cooper — Exotic Contents
Atmos Mix Engineer
Mike Bamford (String and Tins)

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