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Chapter Five


A Model of Reality feat. Kotomi
Eris is Red

From the emergence of human expression we now move to the arrival of abstract thought, visualised by the artist Eris is Red. A hypnotic model of reality is created and explored, with reaction diffusion forms reminiscent of the real world, but never the same. Language is visually referenced as a tool for building and communicating abstraction and new ways of thinking from the ground up, with the model of reality emerging as meaning emerges from the symbols of our language.

I wrote the piece of music during some difficult times of isolation. It came from a live improvisation where I found a hypnotic repeating structure that made me feel the creation of something new and hopeful. It yielded an abstract space I became lost in for months. I came across the beautiful voice of Kotomi (Lauren Culjak) from the ending sequence of an episode of Rick and Morty (S4 E10), where she sings “Don’t look back” in collaboration with Ryan Elder. Something about her voice immediately grabbed me. It has a beautiful otherworldly quality to it which strengthened the feeling of the abstracted space I was trying to create.

The Atmos mix was created together with Adam Hare and Niels Orens, focusing on a beautiful slow moving and inviting space for becoming lost inside, in line with the feel of the original piece of music.

Direction, Production and Post Production
Eris is Red (Matt Coffey)
A Model of Reality feat. Kotomi
Atmos Mix Engineer
Will Cohen (String and Tins)

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